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best ways to stop oily skin with large pores

The Best Cleanser For Oily Skin and Large pores


Large pores are typically observed on oily skin. Their appearance is what primarily makes them a skin care woe. They are normally observed as small follicle openings on the surface of the skin, typically on the face. These openings produce sebum and sweat but when the pores remain open for far too long; they are also capable of storing dirt, dust and grime.

The storage of such impurities on the skin then starts a downward spiral of skin care issues such as acne, blemishes etc. There are several reasons as to what causes large pores. However, the appearance of large pores is not a fatal disease. This does not make them any less easy to be negligent about. Here is why large pores appear:

  • Our skin has several hair follicles that are useful in letting out sweat and toxins. However, these pores also let out excess oil which may get built up on the pore itself, thus blocking further excretion. Hence, the pore itself becomes enlarged so as to accommodate free flow of toxins and excess oil.
  • Oily skin makes pores appear larger. That is simply how it works visually and technically. Many individuals identify larger pores around areas that produce more oil such as the nose region and the cheeks.
  • Genetics could also be a contributing factor for large pores. Our genetics determine how fast we age or how aging works for our skin. Likewise, genetics also play an important role in occurrences of acne, wrinkles and large pores.
  • As you age, your skin’s capacity to produce oil, retain moisture and maintain elasticity degrades, leading to depreciating youthfulness. As this happens, your pores may also appear larger.




Why should I worry about my pores? Why are the pores on my face getting bigger?

Your pores are visible on the surface of your skin. Since their main function is to help with release of excess oils, clogged pores or large pores can affect this function. When excess oil builds up, it leads to acne. Apart from that, they are simply unappealing to witness. If you think you can hide large pores with makeup, then you are wrong.

Makeup actually accentuates large pores and puts them on a spotlight. Makeup has the tendency to settle into crevices on the skin and your large pores are literally like magnets for makeup to build up. Once makeup sets on your skin, your pores will be highlighted as fine dots on the face. These are the reasons why you need to take good care of your pores.





What causes Large Pores?

With genetics being one of the reasons behind large pores, it makes it almost inevitable. However, regular care can minimize the chances of aggravating large pores. Certain changes in your skin care regimen can greatly reduce your risk of developing large pores. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Avoid Soap: The ingredients in soap can clog your pores and enlarge them. Avoid using soaps on the face especially if you have pores already or an oily – combination skin.
  • Stay away from emollients. Emollients are basically creamy and rick textured products. Avoid using them on your skin because they can make your pores clogged.
  • Don’t use harsh scrubs or don’t scrub too hard. Always settle for a gentle scrub or exfoliating technique to remove impurities from your skin. Additionally, you can opt for fruit based or salicylic acid based scrubs and exfoliators to handle large pores.
  • Using water based cleansers is an ideal option if you have oily skin. Most creamy formulas available in the market contain harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, making you wonder if they are preventing “excessive oiliness”. However, drying out your skin can make your sebaceous glands work over time, thus producing more oil than before.
  • Never leave your makeup on overnight. No matter how badly you want to hit the bed, always spend a few minutes to completely remove your makeup. Again, you can opt for water or gel based formulas instead of cream based ones. Micellar water, a great tool for makeup removal is a popular trend now because of its water based formula.
  • Avoid going out in the sun without sunscreen or sunblock. An effective sun protection treatment can help you prevent your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Some people say you need to wear sunscreen even if you are staying indoors. Well, that isn’t a joke because sunlight that is reflected from other surfaces also has the capacity to harm your skin. The best idea is to stock up on sun protection the minute winter ends.
  • Stay as natural as possible, even with your makeup. Opt for chemical free and organic makeup. There are several international makeup brands as well as domestic brands that can give you the same results as a product that isn’t organic or cruelty free. The higher the number of chemicals in the ingredient list, the higher the chances of affecting your skin in several ways. This is why organic and natural skin care is the best match.





What causes large pores on nose?

Despite all these tips, some of you may still wonder why you have big pores or why your pores seem to be growing in size. That could happen because of a number of things which may include external factors such as pollution etc. and internal factors such as hydration.

I have wondered several times about why the pores on my face are getting bigger. Similar to getting rid of warts on your skin, the more I researched about it (and I don’t just mean the internet), the clearer it was for me to understand how skin care works. Apparently, aging and genetics are the foremost reasons for enlarging pores. Similarly, lifestyle practices such as smoking can also contribute to larger pores. Skin hygiene is also very important. I learnt that sunscreen is not just going to prevent me from tanning but it was also going to save me from premature aging. Ever since, there has been no looking back from sunscreens.

Effective sun protection can determine your appearances of pores. A friend of mine who has never in her life dedicated time for skin care is blessed with great skin while my colleague who religiously follows her skin care regimen doesn’t come anywhere close to my friend. If you are using the right products, then great skin becomes effortless.

When I found out that cleansing works for clogged pores and large pores, I was on a hunt for the best cleanser I could find and that search took a lot of time. However, I did find my winner and I am going to give it out to you so you can get started right away without testing and trying numerous times like me. I firmly believe in using organic skin care products to the maximum of my potential and when I came across True& Olive Organic Facial Cleanser, quite frankly I had given up on trying cleansers.

But True&olive took me by surprise. It took me a week to notice visible changes on my skin. A month later, I had a bit of control over my face’s oily skin. And several months later, I can notice the reduction of pore sizes on my face, especially around the nose. Every time I used it, it left a soothing and relaxing sensation on my skin.









Best face wash for oily skin in summer

As far as cleansers go, you can choose products that contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid, both of which are very gentle on the skin. For those of you who look out for ingredient based formulas, here are a few ingredients that deal with pores:

Retin A

Retin A is one of the forms of Vitamin A and it helps in reducing acne and controlling oil on the skin. Retin A cleanses pores and encourages new cell growth. This in turn helps in developing regenerative and youthful skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Organic Sensitive Skin Face Wash for Women



Known as nature’s best antibacterial solution, tea tree oil can be used as a solvent or in the form of lotions etc. Applying raw tea tree oil can sting your skin a little, which is why less concentrated solutions are a better bet. By cleansing your pore of bacteria that cause swelling and inflammation in your pores, tea tree oil safeguards you from large pores.

Concerned about large pores on the nose? The reason behind what causes large pores on the nose is the same as causing pores in general. It could be because of aging, lifestyle etc. Proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing ritual coupled with weekly exfoliation can help prevent cloggy pores. Since I am constantly on the move, I find travel friendly cleansers as a good option to give my skin the quick refreshment it needs. But cleansing often and not moisturizing could damage your skin. Besides, I didn’t want to remove my makeup and put it back on every time I felt I needed a fresh shot.

My solution is to carry wipes that will absorb excess oils from the skin. Once the oil is removed, skin looks fresh and smooth. Clean and Clear absorbing facial blotting is my personal favourite. For those of you who use a lot of makeup, this one is a lifesaver because it does not tamper with your makeup but simply soaks up excess oil. Moreover, the formula is very skin friendly, meaning you are less likely to find it incompatible with your skin. I use the same on my nose to absorb the oils and it has reduced the appearances of pores on my skin.

Large pores can seem difficult to deal with but with patience and consistent care, you can easily control and get rid of them. Perfect pores are definitely not a dream!