How to remove skin tags near groin?

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Skin tags on the groin are uncomfortable and more embarrassing than the skin tags developing on face or any upper part of the body. Often mistaken as STDs, skin tags essentially happen due to the rubbing of skin. Skin tags on the groin area can vary in size, usually soft to touch, and they are definitely harmless. The good news is they do not happen due to sexual contact.

In the genital areas, skin tags tend more irritated and sometimes even painful. The reason that the area is quite sensitive and when it’s get rubbed by any tight clothing, the area gets irritated. The irritated zone often gets inflamed and grow in size with increased blood flow to the area.

Skin tags of the genital area are painful and may hurt when you touch them or when your clothing rubs or rest against them. It’s kind of a skin infection, as dermatologists often say.

Removing Skin Tags from Groin

There are plenty of ways to remove skin tags from the genital area. From professional methods and procedures performed by doctors, to the natural and organic ones, you can choose anything depending on your preference. Here, we are going to discuss both methods.

When it comes to treat the skin tags in the groin area, two ingredients are considered the best- tea tree oil and castor oil. Acidic substance like lemon juice and apple cider vinegar should be avoided in the sensitive areas.

Here’s how to apply these.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil offers wonderful cure to various skin disorders like skin tags in the neck, armpits and groin. But, before applying it, splash plain water for cleaning the area around skin tags. Clean the area with mild soap. After cleaning the surface, add few drops of tea tree oil and water in a cotton ball and apply it onto the skin tag in the groin. With regular application, the lesion is supposed to be vanished within a week. Don’t afraid to apply it in the sensitive area because it has a cooling and calming effect.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is considered one of the best remedies for skin tag removal. But you should apply it on a clean and dry surface. Due to sweat and various genital discharge, our groin area remains wet most of the time, which actually causes skin tags to grow there. Hence, it’s always advisable to use castor oil after cleaning the area and pat it dry. Castor oil should be with baking soda to create an ointment. Also, add a little amount of citrus oil to the paste to avoid the bad stink. Apply this paste on the affected area and cover it with band aid. The remedy is supposed to show results within 2 to 4 weeks.

OTC Products To Use

A plenty of OTC products can be used to get rid of skin tags. Depending on the ingredients in the products they work differently. What’s s more important is to carry out a thorough research before committing to a particular brand. Do check the ingredients in order to make sure that the products you use is safe to use in the groin area.

Keep in mind that it’s a sensitive area of the body, and chances are not all skin tag removers will work. Some products might cause serious infection, while the other can aggravate the same. Some products contain ingredients that may do more harm than good. Stick to well-known treatments like HaloDerm Advanced Skin Tag Remover that are proven to work. There’s no point in taking any silly risks with your health.

Haloderm is an economical yet effective choice for the ones who want to get rid of skin tags in the groin area. Unlike any other ordinary mole and skin tag removal cream, HaloDerm can remove up to 3 stubborn skin tags on your face or body within a few use. It is natural and made of organic items so as to make sure that it does not cause any serious side effect after application.

Professional Approach for Treating Skin Tags in Groin

Treatment for skin tags in the groin is extremely important as it causes more pain and embarrassment than it causes in other parts of the body. Sometimes, skin tags will fall off on their own, but if they do not, it’s important to address the scenario with appropriate medical treatment.

What causes more discomfort is that some skin tags can also interfere with sexual intercourse. For some women, vaginal skin tags are also a cosmetic concern. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, it’s high time that you talk to the doctor and get your treatment done in time.

For treatment options, following are the most followed ones


Cryotherapy is a quick and painless procedure. It involves freezing skin tags with liquid nitrogen. Freezing the area stops blood circulation, thus impeding the growth of skin tags in the area. The greatest benefit of cryotherapy is that, there’s no risk of scarring in the affected area.

Surgical Excision

This is one of the widely followed methods used for removing skin tags. This is also an outpatient surgery, where the dermatologist remove skin tags with a scalpel. Localized anesthesia is used to numb the area. However, surgical excision is essentially performed on larger skin tags and biopsy is mandatory in such cases,


The process is nothing but actually burning off a skin tag. During the process, the dermatologists remove the skin tag right from the stalk. To accomplish the process, doctors use a heating device is to remove or rather extract the skin tag from the groin. It is basically numbed with a local anesthetic and the process only takes only a few minutes. While the procedure often leaves long time scars on your affected area, it’s not that much of problem because it is located in the covered part of your body. People with sensitive skin get small burn marks for an extended period of time. However, with the usage of creams and natural treatments the scars can be healed.


Like the surgical procedure, your doctor cuts off blood flow to the skin tag with surgical thread, so that the region does not get any blood circulation so that it does not cause the skin tags to develop any further.

If you want to get the skin tags from your groin area removed, talk with your doctor about the best possible treatment. Be sure not to make any attempts to remove the skin tags on your own. You might get inflammation, bleeding, and a higher risk of infection.


Though skin tags do not pose any serious health hazard, the prevailing ones can cause embarrassment, pain and discomfort. For such conditions, medical intervention is necessary. Doctors will decide whether you need surgical procedure or any OTC product will suffice the purpose.

Skin tag removal is basically a cosmetic procedure, but if you do not want any invasive treatment opt for natural process and the application of OTC products. Try not to irritate the surrounding skin in an attempt to tear it or remove it in any way.

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